Blessing working in GuocoLand. [Focus on the blessing]

  • 5 days work. Rare in KL.
  • No need to stay back.
  • No strict deadline. Imagine working in a software house.
  • Good pay,
  • ‘Protected’, coz I have my own room and the door is close. For others, only manager level only got room and their room always open. Our is the unique one and also my position. Outside, there is so much distraction, women talk, gossip, all kinds, which easily bothers me and I’m very sensitive to voice.
  • Can do my web programming in ASP and Mysql. Odd combination.
  • Got Hong Leong CF. It is great going there. Can learn from other Christians from other church.

Things I learnt in GuocoLand

  • Active Directory. I have no clue what it it until I work here. Know that it is related to networking. User profile. Their level of access.
  • Backup. In the past, backup that I did daily is my own code and production system’s data. But, here is really backup. Got backup tape. And need to put them into safe and offsite. Know more of backup software, Veritas Backup Exec and NTBackup.
  • Proxy. Know that it is like a door to Internet. Gotta key in the proxy server and the port to access to Internet.
  • Network. See bigger network. Got riser. How it connect to each other.
  • Red tape. Bigger company got red tape. In order to buy a pc, need long process. Get at least 2 quotation of same spec. Then prepare PO. Then fax PO. Then wait for them to process and deliver it. When deliver got DO and INVOICE. Then pass them to account for payment. Then gotta scan everything for filling and a copy of PO, DO, INV, Quotation to PO filling and if purchase pc which got software, need another copy for License filling.
  • ASP. Using Cdo to send email.
  • Outlook.
  • Event management and leadership. Sport and Social club.
  • Talk to the right person. Ie, if this is related to admin, talk to admin and so on.
  • Learn how to protect yourself. By asking them to send email if they want to access certain folder so that in the future no dispute.
  • Troubleshooting. Key Principle is narrow down.
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