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Compilation of Writing Web Content tips:

  • Content Title – Catchy, 4-5 words and direct.
  • Use Simple English – avoid jargons.
  • Concise – express much in few words, because users don’t read much text. They scan text.
  • Check grammar and spelling
  • Make it interesting – After you have solid and informative content, make sure you deliver it interesting. Maybe you can sprinkle some humors into them.
  • Limit the Number of Words and Sentences – to enhance the readability of prose text, a sentence should not contain more than 20 words. A paragraph should not contain more than 6 sentences.
  • Well-structured – Example

    1st paragraph – outline your article, share the points you are going
    review in the article, and state why these points are important.

    2nd paragraph – review point one

    3rd paragraph – review point two

    4th paragraph – review point three

    5th paragraph – summary. restate the points of your article and reiterate why those points were important.

  • References

  • Criteria of a Quality Article
  • Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines
  • More Resources

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