Wednesday Morning Gym session

This morning woke up a little earlier. Last Sunday, I decided to have more exercise session. Instead of just Sunday football session, I want to exercise also during weekend. I pick Wednesday so that I can have some rest after Sunday’s football. And I also learned from my friend who is a sport teacher that to keep the stamina, we need to maintain it every 3 days.

I plan to start to exercise from 7 AM (that is the time the gym room in my service apartment opens) until 7.45AM. Then take a bath, breakfast and leave to work. So I set my alarm to 6.30AM. It rang. After closed my alarm, I still laze around my bed for few minutes. Feel so hard to get out from it hehe…Then around 7AM I left my house. Thankfully the distance from my unit to the gym floor only 2-3 minutes.

When I reach there at 7.05AM, the gym room is not yet open. Sigh! I went to the ground floor and ask the guard to open the gym room. So I started my brisk walking exercise on the treadmill from 7.20AM and finished by 7.45AM. Although just a short session, but I feel great. Using the sport band, I can see that I have walked 3600 steps.

Then I have my organic oat which I prepared yesterday’s night. I soak it with soy milk (without sugar) and chia seed. While serving it, I added an apple as suggested by my girlfriend and added extra soy milk because it is pretty think. I think because of the chia seed. Have a great day!

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