Software Engineering

What is Software Engineering and WHY it is important?

What is programming/coding?

  • Writing very specific instructions to a very dumb but obedient machine.
  • Computers are designed to execute a set of instructions.
  • Programming is the act of creating a set of instructions for a computer to execute.



What is software engineering?

  •  Software engineering is a discipline for solving business problems by designing and developing software-based systems.
  • Software engineering is like building a house. Depending on the size of the house, to build a house generally, it takes a lot of resources like time, effort, money, various skilled professionals.



Why web programming? Why software engineering is important?


  1. Internet Users are growing fast every year.


We can do almost anything online now. Pay bills, buy movie ticket, buy air ticket, pay insurance, online banking and more.


  1. Good salary


  1. You can choose to work from home in future – All you need is just a computer and Internet. You can also work anywhere like McDonald or Starbucks.


  1. eCommerce business potential – With web programming, web design and eCommerce skill, you can build an eCommerce website. Your ecommerce website is 24 hours a day 365 days a year. No buildings to rent. No electric bill to pay. No need to pay worker’s salary. You need to find the right product and market it online effectively.


  1. And many more reasons which you will soon realize….


Courses in Diploma in Software Engineering and what Skills you will gain.


Course NameSkills you will gain
Web Design CourseWordPress
Web Programming CourseASP
classic ASP
Visual Studio 2015
Database Design CourseSQL
SQL Server 2014
SQL Management Studio
Software EngineeringSDLC
Software Project Management
Software Documentation
Software Development as a Team
Software Quality ManagementExample, Security, Performance, User friendly, easy to maintain.
Software Testing


I am Steve Ngai and I am teaching Diploma in Software Engineering for Eduvo Sdn Bhd. For more info, you can contact me or our course consultant, Candy at 012-2727886.


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