Mlabs Systems, Onliner team up to provide e-commerce services

News on 10th August 2017. By AMIR HISYAM RASID 

KUALA LUMPUR: Mlabs Systems Bhd has teamed up with Thai-based Onliner Company Ltd to provide Wi-Fi and e-commerce services in Chatuchak market in Bangkok, Thailand.

With the partnership, the company expects to add a new revenue stream of RM120,000 per year following its partnership for a tenure of five years.

While the figure may seem small for a company with a market capitalisation of over RM30 million, director Prof Sureswaran Ramadass said the partnership is a stepping stone for Mlabs to spread its wings into Thailand.

Onliner currently holds a five-year concession from the country’s State Railway to set up Wi-Fi services in Chatuchak.

The company said it aims to secure similar projects and is open to work with Mlabs in the future.

Mlabs’ wholly-owned unit, Multimedia Research Lab (MRL) today entered into a collaboration agreement with Onliner.

Both companies will jointly develop mobile applications that can provide online trading services to tap a large number of visitors at the market.

The mobile app will also consist of indoor mapping of Chatuchak as well as live video streaming to showcase goods and services provided at the market.

“The development roadmap for Onliner and MRL is to enable the bargaining of pricing for bulk purchases between a buyer anywhere in the world and retailers in Chathucak.

“Plans are also underway for the introduction of an e-payment or e-wallet to shoppers for a safer, cashless market place,” said Sureswaran.

Sureswaran said it will invest up to RM800,000 during the early stages of the project and will consider a higher commitment when Onliner secures similar projects in Thailand and overseas.

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