Singing along and home recording

When I sing along with some MLTR songs, I realize that I can’t sing as good as last time. I couldn’t support MLTR much continously high notes. I believe is practice. Last time, though I don’t have the singing knowledge, I practice a lot by just keep singing along and really sing a lot compare to me after being a Christian. But, as I keep singing along with those songs, I seems to get it back a little and gain back some excitment of singing and some confidence too. Confidence to sing high notes and to renew my mind that I can’t because I’m a bass ma. No, I can sing high notes because I did it in the past.

This also makes me think about few thing about singing along with song. I think this is a good way as practice. If I want to exercise my support for high notes, I think MLTR will be a good teacher here. I shall try this way also for other nice song. Using this way, when my pitch not same with the original one, I can pause to fix it. Also if sing along, I can also learn the rytme, familiarity of the songs (like when to come in, listen to the instrument) and learn from the original artist thru some imitation.

But some problem might occur is if I imitate the original artist, then I will have so many types of voice and could be at the end, not fix voice of my own. Maybe at the moment, just let it be first until later. After some time later, I think it’s time to fix one time of style and focus in it.

Also today, bought a pre-amp. I have been longing for home recording equipment for long. Initially tried to look for audio interface but don’t know which shop already. So, since I’m near Pudu, I went to Pudu to look for something and bound into this Beringer shop and bought this little mic pre-amp which cost RM180. Free one RCA cable and one 2 to 1 convertor. Hope this is a good buy. Don’t really have much time to survey because the shop I plan to buy will close if I go there after working day and Saturday half day. I feel the kind of obsession in me because I don’t think there is anyone in the church including song leader will do this extreme thing like me I think – home recording. Willing to spend much time and money for it and now I’m not joining song leader too. Maybe this is me, have some nature of extreme. Maybe this look extreme or crazy because no one does that but in the other hand, when I think about it, doing so (if can afford) can get to improve in your vocal effectively. I hope so.

I also believe in knowledge and skills. I believe that if someone keep practice without proper technique or skills, his/her singing skills will never improve. He/she able to maintain it but couldn’t really be better because he/she already feel satisfy of it and not knowing what is lacking in them. That’s the job of a voice teacher, to point to what is still lacking in that person.

Also, something I heard from the singing forum, you paid voice teacher for their ears. So, instead of spending RM200 every month to voice teacher, what about spending one time cost for home recording? Using it, I think, can help to hear our outpot clearer. I can’t wait to buy a dynamic mic to test out my new mic pre-amp.

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