Join Running For The First Time

On Sunday, 14 March 2010, for the first time I went for a 10 KM run. It was at Bukit Jalil, Seri Petaling. Running wasn’t my passion. I prefer sports like badminton, tennis, soccer, futsal, basketball, ping pong, bowling, volleyball, pool and snooker. I also like to play chess and singing. But I thought of joining this run to push myself to exercise more and in hope that by doing that, will burn some fat (more specifically the fat at my tummy :D).

Back to that run on that day, it was indeed a great experience for me. I ran 10 KM before a couple of times but on the treadmill (during my membership at California Fitness). But running 10 KM at outdoor was totally different compare to treadmill. The excitement level and atmosphere are so different. Besides that, running at outdoor there could be some ‘hills’ as well.

After a long tiring run, I reached the destination at the end. I was so happy that I got the finisher medals. My timing is one hour eight minutes. I think this timing is not too bad as my best timing for 10 KM on treadmill (without any level) is one hour five minutes. My position is 203 for my category. Not sure how many participants for my category though.


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