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First Portable Home Bus in Malaysia?

I just came back from NHNA carnival. Thought of returning the Immunology book I borrowed from the library but it closed today. Found this interesting “Portable Home Bus” for display

Entrance stairs
Entrance stairs
Dining table 2
Dining table 1

Living room sofa?
Everything you need like fridge and even washing machine are available

Couple size bed. Not sure King or Queen size though.
Stairs to toilet / wash room.
The ‘toilet-stairs’ leads to this toilet – basin.
The ‘toilet-stairs’ leads to this toilet

The whole “Portable Home Bus” is so comfortable and it should fit at least eight person. The sales person said that this concept is common is oversea and claim that this “Portable Home Bus” is first in Malaysia. With this bus, you don’t need any ‘fixed’ home and can travel anywhere without paying anything for the accommodation. Those adventurous people surely wish to have this.

But hey, guess how much is this “Portable Home Bus”? A staggering mind-blowing of RM 800, 000 ++  If this figure is unthinkable, there is a smaller size bus which is cheaper and fully ‘customizable’ too. Otherwise, you can DIY your avanza / exora / alza – more economical. Personally, I thought this “portable-home” idea is highly achievable and so cool 🙂

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