I love these sentences by Thomas A. Jones in the Introduction in the book Teach Us To Pray.

If we rely on nothing but human power, the life Jesus calls us to is impossible. On his own, not even the most stable, most healthy, most intelligent and most determined person can do it. Only as we intimately connected with God through prayer will we continually find the forgiveness, strength, inspiration and direction needed to live the life Jesus described and expected of his followers.

I also like when he used the below pie charts about prayer.

He says “Prayer is not the only thing needed by disciples. It is just the most important thing.” Take notice the word Worship in these two pie charts above. Now, let’s go to another book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

In his last chapter, Living with Purpose, he says, “What will be the center of my life? This is the question of worship

So, which one is the center, Prayer or Worship? This makes me think about the greatest commandment, Love God. And it means relationship with God. And Worship, Prayer, Study (I assume bible study) are in the same category, relationship with God. Another word, God is the center. That is my conclusion who/what should be the center.

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