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Best Pool Player In The World?

I love snooker a lot. I play snooker since young although I am not that good still. I remember I bought 5 VHS tapes just to learn snooker and even my current English name, Steve is from a snooker legend, Steve Davis. That time, Steve Jobs is not popular yet 🙂

But I do find pool also interesting especially watching this guy, Efres Reyes played all these ‘impossible’ shots. Enjoy watching!

The second thing I like pool is its TRICK shots. And the best I have ever seen is by Florian Kohler (Venom)

Bonus video on Three-cushion billiards Trick Shots.

Note: In three-cushion billiards, sometimes called three-cushion carom, or carambole, the object is to carom off both object balls with at least three rail cushions being contacted before the contact of the cue ball with the second object ball.

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