Workshop Title:  eCommerce 10 hours Hands-On Workshop for AliExpress Drop Shipping (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Location: HERSERLEF, 9-1 Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Sri Petaling, 57000, Kuala Lumpur

Available Dates:

  • 12th August 2017
  • 19th August 2017
  • 2nd September 2017

Workshop Description

First of all, I would like to clarify few things. :

  • This one-day workshop is NOT a preview workshop – ‘Free’ preview workshop is usually 2 hours which they will ‘brain-wash’ you to sign up for their expensive workshop.
  • This one-day workshop is NOT a MLM training/talk – No direct sales. Sometimes MLM distributor as trained to use the word ‘eCommerce’ to attact people to join them. This is 100% not MLM talk.
  • This one-day workshop is NOT a motivational talk/seminar – Some expensive eCommerce workshop is 90% motivational talk and only 10% practical hands on. My workshop is completely opposite. You will have a lot of hands-on session to build your eCommerce store and to complete it within 10 hours! Don’t worry I give guide you steps by steps.

What will you gain from this Course?

  • Build your own, fully functional dropshipping e-commerce website during the course, all hands-on. You will get two online stores. First store have eCommerce + dropshipping feature. Second store (example have standard eCommerce feature. Bonus – you will also have a Facebook Business page which links to your store.
  • Free domain (example and web hosting for one year.
  • Learn how to market your website using Social Media like Facebook and Seach Engine Optimization (SEO).

Demo store which you will be getting during the workshop

What is eCommerce Dropshipping?

When a customer place an order in your website, you have to process it, ship and deliver the product to your customer. But if you use dropshipping method, your supplier will do the processing, shipping and delivery to your customer. Perhaps it’s easier for you to understand by looking at this diagram below.

Four Main Benefits of Starting A Drop Shipping Business

  1. No Stock – You do not need to keep stock. No warehouse needed.
  2. Hassle free – You do not need to worry on shipping and delivery because your suppliers will do it for you.
  3. Low Starting Cost – Because you don’t need to buy stock in advance, you can have more cash flow. Since you don’t have to keep stock, you also save money from renting a warehouse. Since your supplier directly ship and deliver to your customer, you save the delivery cost too.
  4. Higher profit margin – You can set your own selling price for higher profit margin.



What makes this workshop different from other eCommerce workshop / training?

  • Most eCommerce workshop is more towards the motivational / mindset while mine is a lots of hands-on practical sessions.
  • Most eCommerce workshop do not cover dropshipping. My workshop cover both standard eCommerce and eCommerce with Dropshipping (AliExpress).
  • Most eCommerce workshop tell you all those success stories but they won’t tell you the failure stories. I will share to you both. Why some succeed and why some fail to success.
  • While other workshops have 30-50 pax, mine is maximum is 2 pax! You will get almost one-on-one personal attention. Feel free to ask as many questions a possible 🙂
  • Free one month support – After the workshop, you won’t be alone. You can still email or whatsapp me any challenges that you face for your eCommerce store. I will respond to you as soon as I could.

Who should sign up for this workshop?

  • Those who got a full-time job and want second income through eCommerce business. A demo eCommerce site you are expect to get at the end of the workshop –
  • Business owner – You may not from the IT background but wanted to sell online and expand your business from offline to online.
  • Retailer who already have physical store and now want also have online store.

Why just one day and long 10 hours?

While others are offering 2 days, I feel that it can be cut short to one day with extra hours. It is tiring for sure but you save up from paying additional training day. Of course just 10 hours won’t make you a professional or become rich the next day, but this 10 hours should be enough for you to get started right away.

Why your workshop seem so cheap more to other eCommerce workshop?

  • Although it’s 10 hours, it is still considered as one day.
  • Because I only train 2 person, we don’t need big office. We can have it in cafe like HERSERLEF. And I don’t need many other training equipment like projector, projector screen, whiteboard, microphone, speaker and etc.

The workshop will be in what language?

English / Cantonese – well I can still understand some Mandarin and speak some Bahasa Melayu, but it’s easier for me to conduct it in English / Cantonese.

Is it difficult?

No! There is no coding involved. If you can use i.e. Microsoft Word, you have all the skills needed to build your own online store after the workshop. Since there are only 2 person per workshop, you will get almost one-on-one personal attention from me, to guide you through step by step.

But you will be tiring learning because of long 10 hours. But there are plenty of free flow coffee and tea here 🙂

Don’t worry, you will receive plenty of notes from me as well which you can refer back after the workshop.

What can I bring into the event?

Your laptop, mouse and your laptop adapter 🙂

What other charges do I need to pay on that day? Any hidden cost?

No. Herserlef daily entry fee will be covered but you have to pay for your own lunch and dinner.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Call / Whatsapp / SMS

Price – RM 800 per pax (limited seats)

Money-Back Guarantee

I strongly believe that you, as a customer, must be 100% SATISFIED with the workshop. Hence, I would like to return you 70% of the workshop amount if you are not satisfied after this 10 hours workshop. However, it will be great if you could let me know why are you are not satisfied. More importantly, please let me know how I can improve. So that, it helps me create better training for you or others in future.

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