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Short Trip to Langkawi

Overall, I would say that Langkawi Underwater World is a mild version of combination of Aquaria KLCC and KL Bird Park. Some photos and videos which I took to share to all. I have edited the video to show the gist of it. Enjoy!


Langkawi Cable Car – RM15 (with MyCard). Worth to go especially if you have never been there.
Since there is no time limit, you can relax, lepak, or read books or journaling there too with a cup of coffee 🙂
We saw this sunset while we travelled back from cable car to Pantai Cenang.
After googling, we found out that people recommended a restaurant called “Wonderland” which is located at the town area. But because of ‘econimical’ reason, we ended had our dinner at the restaurant besides it. At the end, the food is below than average.
Black Sand Beach – Indeed it is true. But after looking back some photos I found from the Internet many years ago, the beach looks so much more like a ‘black sand beach’ than now.
Interesting to find out how and why this beach is black.
All photos from now onward are taken at Underwater World which is located at Pantai Cenang. Entrance fee is RM30. Overall, I would sum up that it is a mild version of combination of KL Bird Park and Aquaria (KLCC). But the uniqueness of this Underwater World is …

… there are penquins here!!! But one thing I have learnt is to come during the feeding time (i.e. 3 PM). There is a tunnel for you to see those penquins dive under the water. We don’t see them dive much maybe because no a feeding time.
I think besides penquins, there rest of the creatures over here can be seen at Aquaria too.

This crab is unbelievably HUGE.
Creature from the outer space?

Another odd fish which I have never seen before.

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Photos After Secondary School – Family Trip to Medan

Trip to Medan with family and relatives (Year 1997)

First time travel by flight 🙂

Paradise Fall from “Up” Pixar Animation Movie 🙂

My Mom
Vacation, Trips & Outing

Secondary School Photos – Family Trip to Genting Highland

Vacation, Trips & Outing

KL Bird Park – World’s Largest Free-Flight Walk-In Aviary

Some photos I took this year in KL Bird Park. Worth to visit at least once if you have never been there.

There are over 3,000 birds of 200 local and foreign bird species in this is 21 acres bird park!

Fortunately, I only bought the ticket for RM12. Bought it during Matta fair.

This is how a male peacock courts a female peacock, no joke. He was pretty aggressive to spread his wing around her for attention 🙂
Good effort. But he failed still at the end 🙂
Yes, you can find ostrich (largest bird) in this KL Bird Park but this bird is surrounded by fence.

Close encounter with a parrot 🙂

Feeding parrots ‘kua chi’. If you bring it yourself, you could save up some. Otherwise, buy from there is RM2.

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iCity – More Than Just Colorful Lights

We heard enough of iPhone and iPad. But what about iCity? Recently on the 26th November 2012, my friends and I went to iCity, Shah Alam again. There is one new place we went which called “Trick and Art Muzium” and here are some photos of it.

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