LVMH’s Louis Vuitton launches e-commerce website in China

News on 24th July 2017. Source: TheStar

PARIS: French fashion brand Louis Vuitton, part of luxury giant LVMH, said on Friday it had launched an e-commerce website in China to tap a booming online shopping market.

Louis Vuitton, which opened its first store in Beijing in 1992, said the website offered leather goods, small leather goods, shoes, accessories, watch and jewellery, luggage, and the newly launched Les Parfums Louis Vuitton.

Payments can be made via UnionPay, Alipay and WeChat, the statement said.

The website will be available in 12 cities – Beijing, Shanghai, ChongQing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, Dalian, Haerbin, Wuhan. More cities will be added later on.

It is the 11th e-commerce market for Vuitton since it launched its first site in France in 2005. — Reuters



Liow: Rural youth must embrace e-commerce

News on 23rd 

KUALA TERENGGANU:  Rural youth must be ready to embrace e-commerce to keep pace with their urban counterparts, said MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

Liow said the Internet has proven to be able to provide many business opportunities to people around the world, adding that the Government is developing the e-commerce sector and providing the necessary support for people wishing to participate in it.

“Community leaders in rural areas have to be ready to help people take part in this new economy,” he said when opening the 34th Malaysian Chinese Culture Carnival at Kampung China here on Saturday night.

Liow said the annual event is a good platform to  foster better understanding and harmony among multi ethic Malaysians.

Among the people present at the event were Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia president Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah, Terengganu executive councillor Datuk Tengku Putera Tengku Awang and Terengganu MCA chairman Datuk Toh Chin Yaw.



Wednesday Morning Gym session

This morning woke up a little earlier. Last Sunday, I decided to have more exercise session. Instead of just Sunday football session, I want to exercise also during weekend. I pick Wednesday so that I can have some rest after Sunday’s football. And I also learned from my friend who is a sport teacher that to keep the stamina, we need to maintain it every 3 days.

I plan to start to exercise from 7 AM (that is the time the gym room in my service apartment opens) until 7.45AM. Then take a bath, breakfast and leave to work. So I set my alarm to 6.30AM. It rang. After closed my alarm, I still laze around my bed for few minutes. Feel so hard to get out from it hehe…Then around 7AM I left my house. Thankfully the distance from my unit to the gym floor only 2-3 minutes.

When I reach there at 7.05AM, the gym room is not yet open. Sigh! I went to the ground floor and ask the guard to open the gym room. So I started my brisk walking exercise on the treadmill from 7.20AM and finished by 7.45AM. Although just a short session, but I feel great. Using the sport band, I can see that I have walked 3600 steps.

Then I have my organic oat which I prepared yesterday’s night. I soak it with soy milk (without sugar) and chia seed. While serving it, I added an apple as suggested by my girlfriend and added extra soy milk because it is pretty think. I think because of the chia seed. Have a great day!

Tips Macam-Macam

My friend just collapsed during football and stop breathing!

Yesterday one of my football kaki just collapsed while playing football. We were so shocked as he lost his breath and his face turned black. Some of us tried to do some CPR until ambulance came. After reached HUKM hospital, using ECG test, doctor confirmed that he got heavy heart attack.

While waiting for ambulance, the referee told us that few weeks ago, another player collapsed just like my friend. He died that night because of the delay help received. He has only 15 minutes but help arrived after 17 minutes. This delay of just 2 minutes cause his life. And he is only 30 years old. Don’t think heart attack won’t happen to young people.

Back to my friend. In the hospital his heart still very weak (his heart stops beating few times). In the morning, we received sad news that he has passed away. So sad. Yesterday he just spoke to me. He told me don’t chase too much with the opponent player. Then he complained that his left foot is painful after a free kick. I told him to take a rest but he says, “It’s ok. Just go slow.” After few minutes, he collapsed…and in 12 hours he passed away.

Although he is around 52 years old, he looks ‘normal’. Regular football player who came almost every week. Never see him smoking but heard that he works in snooker center. Could be due to second-hand smoke which accumulated thru the years which cause all the heart blockage. Somehow I believe there are symptoms/sign but he could be ignoring them. Just my guess. Later will be going to the funeral to pay last respect. He got 3 kids. Youngest is around 5-6 years old son whom I always bring him along at soccer field. When he collapsed in the field…his son ask me what happen to papa…

Just came back from funeral. Heard that he already got high blood pressure (hypertension) issue. His death is due to heart failure which is caused by high blood pressure i believe. Actually mild exercise is good to reduce high blood pressure but need to follow proper medical advice from the professional or doctors.

Another thing I learn is the importance of doing CPR correctly. We all just did the chest compression but we didn’t do the mouth-to-mouth ventilations. None of us knows how to do so.

Lastly, when someone’s breathing stops. Immediately call the ambulance. Each second counts. Don’t send him to the hospital yourselves because the patient needs oxygen which is only available from hospital. Remember that guy lost his life because of treatment came 2 minutes late.

Yes, when our life will be taken away is not in our control. God is. But, with some knowledge about health and how to ‘save’ another person during emergency do make a difference in one’s life too. What we can do, we should do.

May your soul rest in peace, my friend Ah Chan.

p/s – if you wish to find out more how to take better care of our health, I have another blog called Hopefully the info there can give you some knowledge and solution on how to improve in our health. Some of this knowledge I shared is from what I learned from Natural Health Naturopathic Academy (NHNA) which I studied for one year plus.

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