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Goodbye, enough is enough!

It has been quite some time I bore with and I promise you that I won’t be going there anymore, be it mine account or my church friend’s. I’m so sorry. I won’t be checking your updates from now anymore.

It is so disappointing. Each time I went in, my pc got freeze for a moment, in spite of its snail speed. Imagine each click takes a minute or two to load with broadband 512KB. Hey, didn’t you know that good loading time is less eight seconds? I just tested three multiply site. One took one minute and five seconds. Another one took one minute and fourth (40) seconds. And lastly, mine my account with just a few things at the home page took an incredible two minutes and thirty (30) seconds to load just one page!

No doubt, I like its simplicity but the loading time is too unbearable. I did try to bare with it for some time but things never seem to improve.

In this case, I need to say goodbye to Maybe I will come back in the future, but surely not now at least for some long time.

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