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Inline/Dynamic SQL vs Stored Procedures (Just 5 short summarized points)

After reading some articles and discussions on this topic, my conclusion is:

  • It is a myth to use all inline/dynamic SQL for all the queries in the application.
  • It is a myth to use all Stored Procedure for all the queries in the application.
  • Use Stored Procedure when the query is very complicated, easily will need changes and with many business logics. Reason is easier maintenance. Business logic easily change. Changes in Stored Procedure does not required re-compile of code.
  • Use Stored Procedure when the query will take long time to complete it. Reason is better performance.
  • Other that the two situations above, use inline/dynamic SQL in the code, but it needs to be a parametrized SQL. (classic ASP doesn’t have this but ASP.NET)
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    Best interactive website to learn SQL

    Today, my senior recommended me a website to learn sql,

    This is much better than famous w3schools and better than other interactive SQL sites like and

    The reason is because you can actually type those query yourself to do those exercises and the result will appear on your right side. If the answer is incorrect, it will gently let you know and answer was provided as well. It is very interactive.

    I tried almost all of the tutorial today and learnt much.

    Another thing awesome of this learning site is you can compare all major databases’ syntax as well. Example, What is the syntax to view structure of table?. Default is Oracle. But if you want to view SQL Server, you can just click on SQL Server’s tab.