Blessings Of The Year 2013

  • Career – Spill over blessing from 2012. Got the offer end of 2012 to be QC Manager and got confirmed in 2013. More details.
  • Fun needs met: So much fun, laughter and bonding time with the brothers with regular board games sessions. Many games were also ‘sponsored’ (Kee Soon and via Aaron Wee).
  • Group contribution – For bible talk: Sharing lesson (few times), conduct games (many times) and cook (once). Others: Plan and lead devotion; plan and lead to-know-and-to-be-known session; Sister Appreciation Day involvement especially producing the short video clip (17 minutes).
  • Sector contribution – 2014 Singles Retreat planning; Mid-week devotion service planning; Mid-week service song lead (few times); 2013 Singles Retreat song lead; Prepare a game for Singles Appreciation Day and 31/12/2013 countdown service.
  • Church contribution: Serve church for 9 months (twice in Kid’s Kingdom and once in usher) – Received love and friendship from kids especially in 5 years old class. In usher, given the opportunity to lead usher for the first time and able to lead smoothly overall and at the same time able to develop some friendship with the usher team.
  • HOPEww contribution: Attend many carolling practice sessions and sang for 4 sessions.
  • Victory – 40 days Internet fasting (8pm-8am) from 1 July 2014.
  • God used me to help a brother to ‘survive’.
  • Somehow got to know Susanto and I introduced him to Burt in hoping that Burt can reach out to him since he is about his age. Realizing a church member’s father got last stage cancer and knowing that Susanto is good in health knowledge and helped many cancer patients, Burt introduce her father to Susanto. After taking the high-grade lingzhi and bee pollen for about 4 months, her father’s cancer subsided and no longer needs to go for kimotheraphy.
  • Brought an under-valued property (about 20%). A week before that, my mom and I offer that similiar unit (same floor and condition) for about 20-30% extra! Thankfully that owner didn’t accept our offer that time! 🙂

Other things to thank God:

  • Jan 2013: Just joined GHL for about few weeks and during annual dinner got big lucky draw prize (LCD TV and DVD player). Managed to sell it at RM980 later. Won consolation prize also for best-dressed (men category).
  • Jan 2013: Mom helped to appeal fine RM100 for me parking another person’s car park in Tasik Height Apartment.
  • Aug 2013: Got to know this – Previously I bought original CD which cost about RM25 for one CD of about 10 songs (one song = RM2.5). With, one song cost about RM0.30 only and I can choose to just buy one song (singles) of a particular singer.
  • Sep 2013: Almost miss the train to rush to meet up for 2013 Singles Retreat – When I reached Tasik Selatan station, the queue to buy KTM ticket was extremely long (due to long holiday and people were travelling back to hometown). So, I tried to use Touch N Go (this Touch N Go was rejected at LRT before due to just left 2 cents inside I think) and amazing the machine accepted it. When I walk to the waiting area, the train came at that moment (I have waited for one hour plus in KTM station before!).
  • Dec 2013: During my soccer session in Garden International School, I left my bag at the toilet for about 45 minutes! Thank God the bag was still there. Otherwise, I might lost about RM5,000 because my tablet, laptop and other things were inside the bag.
  • Dec 2013: Improved my vocal skills a bit.
  • After 34 years old, only know that I am allergic to dust mites (two types) after went for allergy checkup.


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