Best Mee Kue Tiaw Goreng

I ranked this mee campur kue tiaw goreng best in my life at this time. This tasty food is located behind Concorde Hotel, near KLCC. The name of this Malay stall is D Zeetee Enterprise Catering. Contact number is 012-2600085.


The reasons why I rank this mee campur kue tiaw goreng No. 1 is because:

  • The taste and gravy are well-balanced. The combination is ideal. Example, they put egg in it.
  • The mee is not too soft. Some mee goreng I saw is too soft, making is sticky too. Yuk!
  • It is cheap. Just RM3.50, you got chickens and 2-3 prawns in it.
  • It is different from mamak’s mee goreng because mamak’s mee goreng depends a lot on the instant noddles’ flavor, which is unhealthy.

I have tried to eat just kue tiaw goreng but it is not as tasty compare to mee mix with kue tiaw. Perhaps that gives a reason why mee mix with kue tiaw is RM0.50 more expensive compare to just mee alone.

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