Marriage Seminar – What Do You Expect? by Paul David Tripp

Today my fiance and I attended the second day (last day) of a 2 days Marriage Seminar organized by St. Mary Anglican church. St Mary is the cathedral church for the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia.

As we have registered, we are to sit in a table of 3 couples including us and each table there will be a facilitator. It is the first time the church organize this type of marriage workshop. There is a handout given to us to write our notes and for table discussion. There will be also a series of “What Do You Expect” lessons videos by Paul David Tripp. Personally, I enjoy listening to his lesson. Good points well emphasized by him with much illustration, life example and humorously manner (to keep us awake) 🙂

If your church wants to consider to use it as marriage workshop, there some free handout material which you can download from his website,  but the DVD lesson series need to purchase.

Some key points from this marriage seminar – Marriage does not rooted in romance but worship – Romance is the result rather than the cause.

Some videos of “What Do You Expect?” I found from Youtube

Other useful video I found for this topic

Pure Pain

Last week and this week is indeed a week of PAIN. As I am recovering from mouth ulcer last Thursday, I got some new one. Not one but 8 ulcers! What happen is during my futsal last Thursday, someone kick the futsal ball very hard on my face. As a result, my mouth get some cuts and these cuts turn into ulcers. There are 6 ulcers on my right bottom lips and 2 on top. On top of that, the gum of my left side got infection. Eating or drinking is a nightmare. There pain level is maximum, until some tiny tears came out. Really hope to get this over as soon as possible.

Why they look so young and beautiful on magazines and flyers?

As I returned a book to the library at Natural Health Naturopathic Academy (NHNA) two days ago, I accidentally saw something that bothers me a bit. I saw a staff editing Dr. Jessie Chung’s photo. For those who do not know, Dr. Jessie Chung is the founder for Natural Health Farm. What he did is removing the wrinkles at the bottom of Dr. Jessie Chung’s eyes. Now, I understand why Dr. Jessie Chung looks so young all the time on those magazines. I heard about such thing but this is first time I saw someone did it in front of me.

I know that it is important to look good on those advertisement. That’s why we hire professional photographers, professional graphic designer and professional people to do the marketing. But, I feel that it is deceptive and hypocrites especially they are selling beauty and health products and using software to edit the face to look young on the advertisement media like magazines, books and flyers.

Personally, although I didn’t so such thing, I also gotta be real too. When I am not feeling well, I struggle to be real because I am afraid that I will loose my reputation as ‘health consultant’. I am scared of how other people look at me, studying nutrition, selling and taking health products, and yet can sick. But, the truth is we all are just a human. Although we take good supplements, this won’t promise that we will never get sick. This is because optimal health is not just about taking enough supplements. It also covers healthy lifestyle, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health and many other more like your occupational health. And it is not easy to cope with all these and with the right BALANCE at the same time.

Secondly, we have to accept the fact that we will get old. And no one in the world can prevents that. We can delay the process, but not stopping it all together. Having said all these, let’s still strife to live healthier 🙂