Process flow + Sequence Diagram – Mixed Breed of UML

As most of job scope of my previous job in BCSIS is to support the application, on my own I have created plenty of own version internal ‘software document’. I think some of these documents are mixed breed between process flow diagram and sequence diagram 🙂 Nevertheless, this is my favorite internal document as I can easily understand the flow of the system just by some quick glance. I also converted some source code into some flow chart diagrams (again my version).

In fact, I do enjoy and satisfying creating all these diagrams. And I did the same for my Product Management department as QC Manager in GHL. By the way, I just use Ms Power Point. No need expensive tool like Visio 🙂

Here are the entire list of ‘Process flow + Sequence’ diagram documents which I have created. Yes, the sample diagrams are a little ‘unclear’ for reasons. To view the ‘clear’ version and to view more diagrams, you can contact me personally ya.

CTCS Gateway Interface (GWC)

  • EPKI – Outward – GWC and Bank Host
  • Inward  Downloading – ISC, GWC and Bank Host
  • Transmission – OCS and GWC
  • Transmission – OCS and PODClient

Bank and BNM Web

  • Branch and Routing Policy Request

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) – Back End Host

  • Inward Generation
  • Generate Billing
  • Generate Settlement File
  • File and Data Archival
  • Report


  • Billing and Settlement @ CSS
  • SQL Server Agent Job @ CSS


  • Swing CTCS – HQ and Recovery Center
  • Host Support Escalation

Product Management

  • Activate Dialogic Card (only for PRI card type)
  • Certificate of Origin – Special Case
  • Check warranty period and SLA maintenance
  • Product Request
  • Supply Chain Management – Procurement / Production
  • Supply Chain Management – Distribution
  • New Project or Change Request




Software Documentation Management – The missing piece?


After working for more than ten years in several positions particularly within Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), I come to this observation – software documentation management is lacking in most companies. Thus, it hurts the company greatly at the end. One of the most important benefits of having sufficient, quality and manageable software documentation is to minimize RISK. Let me explain. From the early stages until the end of the SDLC, some documents supposed to be produced.

Here is a classic scenario as illustration purpose.

A picture paints a thousand words

Imagine, which is a faster way for Wong to explain Mutu’s modules or for Sally to learn it? Reading 20, 000 lines of source code or looking at a some software documentation diagrams? Worst still these 20, 000 lines of ‘messy’ (i.e. with redundant similar functions or libraries) source code. Now wonder the employee turn over rate is high 🙂

Another beneficial reason of having proper software documentation like change request form and release notes document is to manage risk. I have seen some fire-fighting moments whereby the production system has so many bugs and unstable. Issues were escalated from one level to another level until the company had to hire a team of ‘specialist’ from oversea to cope and control the ‘fire’. So much money was spent.

At the end, the company decided to take so serious the importance of having proper process. Eventually new role was created just to focus on managing quality, process and risk and one way is by adopting Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 process model. After some months of learning CMMI, the ‘Process/Quality Manager’ then trained all roles which involve in SDLC, be it project manager, team leader, software engineer, software tester or application support engineer. It took a while to learn it. Initially, there were some complaints because of the hassle it caused. But, as time goes by, those process and template documents were refined to suit the need. Software engineers took longer time to release a fixes but what fixes released to the production system were much more stable than before. This is because the fixes were released and thoroughly tested by the software tester first before approve to be released to production environment.

Starbucks Simple Payroll System

Next week, the Software Engineering one month course I am teaching will end. Overall, I am happy to see the progress of my students. They have improved much in their programming skills. Their assignment title is “Starbucks Simple Payroll System”. While they are doing their assignment, I also do a sample version for them. So, just to print screen some here.

Some sample documentation I created for students are reference:

Demo version –

For more info or if you also wish to learn how to develop a simple payroll system like this, feel free to contact me. That’s all for today 🙂

Best Pool Player In The World?

I love snooker a lot. I play snooker since young although I am not that good still. I remember I bought 5 VHS tapes just to learn snooker and even my current English name, Steve is from a snooker legend, Steve Davis. That time, Steve Jobs is not popular yet 🙂

But I do find pool also interesting especially watching this guy, Efres Reyes played all these ‘impossible’ shots. Enjoy watching!

The second thing I like pool is its TRICK shots. And the best I have ever seen is by Florian Kohler (Venom)

Bonus video on Three-cushion billiards Trick Shots.

Note: In three-cushion billiards, sometimes called three-cushion carom, or carambole, the object is to carom off both object balls with at least three rail cushions being contacted before the contact of the cue ball with the second object ball.

6 Days Vacation in Tokyo

Travelling Date: 10-16th March 2016
Total Expenses: about RM3,000

Main Expenses
Air ticket RM 800
Accommodation (6 nights) RM 533 (YEN 15,000)
Disney Sea Entrance RM 245 (YEN 6,900)
Train (Metro line unlimited day pass for 6 days (2 x 3 days) + Pasmo) RM 177 (YEN 3,000 + YEN 2,000)
Japan SIM card RM50 (YEN 1420)

There rest are food, entrance fee and souvenirs. In order to get a cheaper air ticket, you need to buy it early. We bought the ticket about 9 months in advance. My friends got it at RM500 plus but bought it 1.5 year in advance. Accommodation is normal budget hostel for twin sharing.

For city train cost, it is recommended to buy Metro line unlimited pass. This subway (underground train) covers 14 lines which is enough for city travelling. Pasmo is like our Touch N Go card for backup.

It is also recommended to order Japan SIM card in advance (at least 3 days before the travel date). When you order it, you can set the your hostel as delivery address. This SIM card is really useful especially to find the place you want to go via GPS which needs Internet connection. You can also get free Internet access in the train station. But you need to register first. For me, I sharing the SIM card cost with my travelling buddy since we travel together.

For food, you can allocate 1000 Yen per meal. But you want to go economical, you can opt for onigiri which is only 100 Yen per piece. Take 5 pieces only cost 500 Yen per meal.

IMG-20160323-WA0007Travelling Dates – We went on winter month (March is end of winter). So it is super cold. Morning is 7-8 degree while night is 2-3 degree. If got wind, you will be freezing 🙂 So, if you opt for winter months, then do prepare enough winter wears like thick coat, thermal wear, glove, scarf and mask. Yes, mask. Otherwise, the strong dry wind will make your lip so dry that it will ‘break apart’. April is the best month because Spring season starts in April and you can see very beautiful Sakura (Cherry Blossom). But the air ticket for April will be expensive too.

Direction and Solo Travel – Tokyo is very safe for solo travel even for ladies. There was a moment I was lost Akihabara. I could not find my travel buddy. After 30 minutes waiting, I decided to go on my own (solo). I ask train officer at the train information counter for which station should I take. Bear in mind, according to wikipedia, public transport within Greater Tokyo is dominated by the world’s most extensive urban rail network (as of May 2014, the article Tokyo rail list lists 158 lines, 48 operators, 4,714.5 km of operational track and 2,210 stations [although stations recounted for each operator]). But don’t worry, you just need to show your Metro pass to the train officer and tell them where you want to go. So, if there is one location you should not forget is the place you stay 🙂 And the train officer understand basic English will guide you and even provide you a location map to the right train platform.

What I miss out – I believe there are many things I miss out but here are some. Onsen and Odaiba. There was a day that I have to decide to go to Kawaguchiko to see Mount Fuji or follow my travel buddy to Odaiba. I went for the first choice. So, for the next trip, I will go to Odaiba. Then, in Kawaguchiko, we didn’t experience onsen (hot spring bath) too because of time constraint. Next trip, I want to go to Hakone pulak to view Mount Fuji and to experience onsen.

Here are some photos taken during this vacation. Happy travelling 🙂


Realize that they put all sort of things in their sandwich including mee


Many Japanese line up to eat this.


Decided to have lunch in this sushi restaurant in outside Tsukiji Fish Market because we saw some local queuing up there.
Indeed largest in the world
Tsukiji Fish Market – Indeed the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world and also one of the largest wholesale food markets of any kind. Need 15 minutes just to walk around.
Nice and fresh sushi. Cost is 1500 Yen
Cheese hamburg steak – only about 650 Yen

Disney Sea, Tokyo – 6900 Yen

Lesson learned - Don't go during their school holiday and reach there as early as 6.30am to get the Toy Story Mania fast pass.
Lesson learned – Don’t go during their school holiday and reach there as early as 6.30am to get the Toy Story Mania fast pass. Lastly, do checkup the weather forecast. The whole week no rain except the day we went to Disney Sea.
Disney Sea, Tokyo – 6900 Yen
Indiana Jones Adventure – Temple of the Crystal Skull
Found a crashed plane!





Toy Story Mania FAST PASS
Toy Story Mania FAST PASS
Toy Story Mania – This is the reason people are queuing up as early as 6 AM to get the FAST PASS. Well, I went twice 🙂




Mr Potato Head singing performance. Below I took some video.

Big Band Beat
Big Band Beat
Big Band Beat
Big Band Beat


Big Band Beat entrance
Big Band Beat entrance


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea



Kawaguchiko – 2 hours by bus from shinjuku, Tokyo

Kawaguchiko - 2 hours by bus from shinjuku, Tokyo.
Kawaguchiko – 2 hours by bus from shinjuku, Tokyo.




The previous day snowing
The previous day snowing
Sign board super clear. Sure can find the lake from the train / bus station.
Beautiful Mount Fuji view from Lake Kawaguchiko. We have 20 minutes ferry tour.
Beautiful Mount Fuji view from Lake Kawaguchiko. We have 20 minutes ferry tour.


Another beautiful view - Nearby the lake, you can take the cable car to a little hill for one of the best Mount Fuji view and photo taking.
Another beautiful view – Nearby the lake, you can take the cable car to a little hill for one of the best Mount Fuji view and photo taking.

Tokyo Imperial Palace, Chiyoda

Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace

Other places

Tokyo SkyTree
Tokyo SkyTree
Robot Cafe
Robot Restaurant – I didn’t go in though. By the way, beware of this ‘red light district’
Sensoji (浅草寺, Sensōji, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple) – also walking distance from the place we stay.
Tokyo National Musuem – In Tokyo, there are countless musuem for you to visit. So, you might want to pick your top choices to visit due to time limit.

Education Line – Something New

Train Tracks-Well, it has been almost half a year exploring into education business this year. Started with doing part-time teaching e-Commerce and now I am teaching Professional Diploma in Software Engineering. Overall, I am grateful to have this opportunity to venture into education line. The person who brought me in is my cousin, who is also the COO of this academy. Besides learning much from him, I also respect his leadership quality as a person.

Not only I learn more about how to be a better teacher/trainer/lecturer whatever you may call, I also sharpen back my technical skill in software engineering and web design which I find it pretty fun and interesting. Well, I do create website all these years but my skill are more into web usability side and reuse other people template. I still reuse other people’s template now, but I can customize and re-design from the bare template.

I am quite happy also to be given the change to create a web application back and get paid for doing that. It is an online school management system. It is used by our academy, Eduvo Academy. This ‘exercise’ also helps me to coach an APU student who seek help for her web application project for her Diploma in APU. The funny thing is I was also graduated from APU (back then is known as APIIT) and seek help from my friend for my final year project 🙂

Working environment here is good. My colleague and bosses are also good. Zero politic issue. Love the weekly meeting too which keep all of us focus, productive and improve in our career and as person. I have my own big ‘room’, which is a whole teaching room as well 🙂

This month is a break-through month because finally my Professional Diploma in Software Engineering intake has started. Although just two students, I am glad and grateful that we have this starting point. You know, every successful product or business also has their own starting point. And next month, there might be another part-time student sign up too. Hopefully, more students will sign up in upcoming months.