Thanksgiving – September 2014

Related to housing

  • Housing loan offer letter – Initally received offer letter from CIMB but the offer is only -1.7. I plan to sign that offer letter within 2-3 days. When meet up with lawyer to sign SPA, the ‘administrator’ in the law firm asked me why not take Maybank instead which gives better rate which is -2.35. She even show an offer letter to me which the property is same with my apartment. Thus, I applied to three other banks since I still have the time to do so. At the end, although I couldn’t get Maybank which I wonder why, I got offer from Public Bank which is -2.2. Although the tenure has to be reduced to years, I am still grateful because even -1.8 vs -2.2 is indeed big difference. Maybe around RM4k difference if settled after 5-6 years
  • EPF Account 2 application for housing – Approved and received the money within 4 days. Efficient.
  • Tenancy – Pretty stressed out looking for tenant to occcupy the vacant unit because still need to pay maintenance monthly. I also struggle to make decision whether to fully furnished because someone offer me RM900 for 10 items of furniture including fridge, washing machine, sofa set, queen size bed and etc because he is leaving to Philippines. The timing is extremely stressful and need almost perfect timing (tenant agreed fully furnished for that the date the furniture move in which is 11/10/2014). If I agreed to buy those furniture but tenant want unfurnished then I miss that tenant. If I decided not the buy the furniture but the tenant want fully furnished how? Many inquired and viewed but none really serious to pay deposit until 3 interns who wanted to rent for 3 months. I only verbally agree for rm900 monthly rental which including water and electricity and mattress for them. But they didn’t make payment for almost a week until another person confirm to rent the unit for RM1250 monthly rental for fully furnished. And the tenant is ok for the furniture to move in on 11/10/2014. For bonus, when I have a quick check on the tenant, I initially thought that I am renting to my company’s competitor. Mine is ePay while his is iPay. I even told my property negotiator not to tell him that I am from GHL 😀 But when I finally meet him, I realize that that company whom I rent to is my company’s partner. They have a office in Bandar Tasik Selatan and Puchong. Interesting also to know that the one who came to view my unit is actually a MD and CTO of a company in Penang. Cool 🙂


  • Fell into a fight a brother in Christ during a boardgame session. Grateful to have another brother in Christ over there to be the middle person to help both of us to resolve at least at that moment.
  • Teo injured and recovered suddenly – One Saturday suddenly my left foot toe injured. It is pretty severe until I gotta walk like a little limp. This continues until the following day and before my Sunday soccer, I saw a watson and check out what I can buy to help my toe. At the end, I bought the cream heat and applied some. Amazing when I reached the football, suddenly I could run like normal and thus can play and enjoy for football session. Amazing.
  • Extra income – Two person called to order products from me because of my website. One order 6 boxes of CEO Coffee while another one which is a MLM company from Penang ordered 24 boxes of CEO Coffee. Received payment from both already 🙂 She said if customer likes those coffee after one month, they will order more including Bee Pollen products too 🙂
  • Car problem – Engine warning light on for few days. At the end, gotta take emergency leave (EL) to settle it. Went to Perodua service center. After 2-3 hours, the staff there told me that the wires connected to my car engine spoilt. Replacement part is about RM350 but no stock. Called my father and he told me to look for him because he got some friend whom might be able to help. Went there and sure enough within 5 minutes that guy spotted the problem and the other guy fix it and only charged us RM10!!! After that, there is no more engine warning light 🙂

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