Taming The Monkey Mind

I like how Eddie and Debbie Shapiro wrote in these few paragraphs from the book “Ultimate Relaxation”.

“When you first begin to practise relaxation and meditation you will probably be amazed at how much noise there is in your head: the endless thinking, the dramas and scenarios, anxieties, conversations and images that seem never-ending – we go from thought to thought like a monkey leaping from branch to branch. What we do not realize is that this goes on all the time, but we are rarely quiet enough to notice. In a process of seeking that still place inside you for the first time, you will get to see everything there is between you and the stillness.”

“It is absolutely normal to be distracted during meditation – it was once estimated that most people have distracting thoughts up to 200 to 300 times per half hour! Knowing this can help you accept your own experiences more easily. You are not alone in having constant stream of thoughts, or; for that matter, a body that keeps coming up with different aches and pains. Do not think that this means you cannot meditate. No one can fully quieten the mind – that would be like trying to catch the wind – but what we can do is learn to stop resisting it.”

Sometimes I do feel it very challenging for me to communicate with the one who always have this “monkey mind” who too fast changing new conversation topics without spending enough time for a particular conversation topic.

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