Penipuan taktik – Beware of what you SMS

This is how it works. Firstly your wallet or purse got stolen. Then, the theft try to guess your spouse’s handphone number from browsing the contact list from your handphone. Once done, the theft sms your spouse with something like, “Honey, I have forgotten our CIMB bank account PIN. Can you sms me?”. When your unaware spouse receive it, your spouse immediately sms back with the PIN. Once the theft got the PIN, the theft withdraw all the money.

Lesson 1: If you lost your wallet or purse, immediately contact the bank to freeze or block your account. The longer you take to do this, the higher the risk you get.

Lesson 2: Sometimes, we might not realize that our ATM card got stolen. In this case, never sms/whatsapp confidential data like PIN or password even to your closest one. Instead, call that person directly and encode that PIN or password where only your spouse can decode it. Example, you call back and say, “The password is ‘Our wedding day’ “.

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