My life story

Hello, friends! My name is Steve Ngai. I would like to share a little of how God has changed my life after I made the decision to be Christian, which is 14 years ago.

I got to know about Christianity during my secondary school time. My classmates tried to influence me about Christianity, but I never appreciate it. In fact, I made fun of them. But, whenever I faced big problems, I prayed to Jesus because when I did that, things seem to work out. But, when there were no problems, I didn’t pray and thank Jesus and back to my old bad lifestyle. How do you feel if someone only come to you when he got problem and when there is no problem, he just ignore and never see or interact with you? This is how I treated God that time.

During my diploma years in APIIT college, what I think about most of the time is how to have more fun and to just enjoy what I like to do. Even since young, I have many hobbies and mostly related to sports. I like soccer, badminton, bowling, ping poing, snooker, basketball. Besides sports I like to sing, listen to music, play video arcade.

Back to my college life. At that time, I have great obsession to snooker and play video arcade. I spent almost an average of 4 hours every weekday hang around at those snooker and video arcade center which is at Kotaraya that time. . Because I have spent so much time there, I also spent my parent’s hard-earned money for these pleasures and did badly academically. I fail my diploma final year project and even fail when reset it. Because of this, much extra need to pay for redoing it and one year got wasted just to re-do and complete it. I have lousy attitude as student. I never bothered much thing. I am not grateful to see that I can have a chance to study is a privilege and those money is from my parent’s hard-earned money.

Although I didn’t smoke, mostly are smokers in that snooker center and what I didn’t realize is I have been second-hand smokers for many years. This was really damaging to my health. In short, I was so self-centered and immature person.

The Turning Point
Then, someone invited my mom to this church and she came and eventually invited me to come also and I did. Later on, I studied the bible. It is funny thinking back because during one lesson, the brother saw me hesitated to make the decision and ask me something like “What stops you?”. I said, “I am afraid, after I become a disciple, I cannot play snooker.”. He laughed and said “Who said you can’t play snooker, you can, but play with the brothers la (good influence). After 4 days studying the bible continuously I was baptized.

Even though I have made much decision to repent, there are still so many things I need to grow in at that time. Imagine how much foundation I have developed just 4 days! But I’m grateful to my spiritual mentor and my group because I received much discipling, love and encouragement from them.

After I become a Christian, I still find it hard to give up snooker and video arcade, because I feel so addicted to enjoy them. But, as times goes by, I desire has changed. I no longer get addicted by them. Last time, my source of joy mainly from snooker and video arcade. But now, my source of joy has changed. My source of joy comes from God, when I’m able to connect to Him, when I put into practice His teaching, doing things for other people.

Being a Christian also helps me to be a better student. During my Higher Diploma time, my attitude as student has changed. I learnt to be grateful. I need to do well in my studies because my parents work hard to support me. I want to do well to make them feel proud. I learnt to give my best. I started to seat in front. I took out my courage to ask questions. I took the challenge to be team leader for some projects. Because of this changes of my attitude, I have improve academically. Since then until my degree time, I never fail any subjects. At the same time, I didn’t compromise my commitment to church. At the end, I got my degree and got a job which was related to what I studied.

This year is my 14th year as Christian. As much as I have learnt and grown as Christian, there are still so much of things I need to work on and overcome. Sometimes, I feel so struggle to be strong as Christian. Sometimes, I feel so lonely. Sometimes, I fell as Christian. But, during my struggling time, I know I can rely on God. And when I fell, I learn to pick up myself, by turning back to God, for He is gracious.

Although there are still many area to change, throughout the years I have learned and grown in my maturity and spirituality. Now I have many friends, not just in church but also in work place. Being a disciple didn’t just teach me about spirituality but many other important areas in my life, like health, relationship, finance and career. And when I fell, I only I can still go to God for forgiveness which is by His grace and what Jesus has done on the cross. Indeed after 15 years, Jer 29: 11 (For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.), makes so much sense to me.

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