Milestone – Ten Year as Christian (Part 1)

Note: Some content of this blog is more relatable to the members of Central Christian Church.

30 April 2008 was quite a milestone for me as I have been a Christian for ten years. In the month of April 1998, I was invited by my mom, Karen and I visited the church for the first time on Sunday, 26 April 1998, which held in 18th floor, Melia Hotel. When my mom and I reached there, we were ushered to second front row and the preacher that time was Halbert Louis. He preached a sermon called “What are you waiting for?”. Perhaps first impression stays the longest.

Then, the christian reached out to me and studied bible with me the following fours days continually.

  • Monday, 27 April 1998, Weng Hong studied with me Seeking God.
  • Tuesday, 28 April 1998, Raymond Chang studied with me four studies I think; Word, Jesus the only way, Discipleship and Sin study.
  • Wednesday, 29 April 1998, three studies; Repentance and Baptism study by Michael Wong and Cross study by Vincent Sim. Michael asked me to let my parent know and I did. My father persecuted me a bit, saying that if I become Christian, he will not give me allowance anymore. But, the next day, he still give me RM50 allowance. My mom reaction was completed opposite from my father. She was very happy about it.
  • Thursday, 30 April 1998, the did some follow-up studies with me and that night I got baptized at Seri Emas Condo. If I remember correctly, the person who baptized me was Michael Wong, who was KL Campus’ bible talk leader that time.

(Thanks to Gabrielle who help me to scan my good old baptism photos)
One eye blink, ten years flew by. Now I getting older and my hair is getting lesser 🙁 But, I thank God that I’m still alive, not botak yet and for all his blessings in these ten years 🙂 And I would like to take this little opportunity to thank all these people.

  • My mom – who invited me to this church.
  • Weng Hong – who studied the bible with me.
  • Raymond Chang – who studied the bible with me. Among all who study bible with me, I think I appreciate him the most. Maybe, he study with me the most, four study continuously, which took seven hours in the same day and helped me to me to change. Not sure where you are. Hope you want to come back to God.
  • Michael Wong – who studied the bible with me.
  • Vincent Sim – who studied the bible with me.
  • Jack Ngui – my first ‘discipler’ (spiritual mentor) who help my first two years as Christian. One of the memories we have is the Chinese tea and playing Chinese chess and singing songs together.

Most of all, God, who sustained me all these years, the teaching and guidance from his Word, his blessings and encouragement, the Holy Spirit and Jesus who is my Saviour.

To Be Continue – Milestone – Ten Year as Christian (Part 2)

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