Gambit For An Interview / Career Opportunity

In a chess game, a gambit is a chess opening in which a player, sacrifices material, with the hope of achieving an advantageous position. Our career can be like a chess game where strategy is needed. Let’s create a scenario here,

Mr Lim is a fresh graduate. He got no working experience at all. Although he got a degree in Computing but his results is average and his final year project is not so impressive. He went to Jobstreet and found a programmer position which he likes. After applying for this position, he saw that there are another 70 people who applied for this same position. Same are fresh graduate like him. Same are experienced one.

So, what is the strategy to get a chance to be called for interview in the above scenario? This is the exact strategy that I applied for my first permanent job – ‘sacrifice’ my salary until I got the right job. You might ask, ‘So, what is a good sacrifice?’. You can do it gradually. Meaning, for example, you can start to put your expected salary at RM1800. If you don’t any response from the company, then lower it down to RM1600 and so on until you got an interview. You might ask, ‘What if I lower my expected salary until RM1400 and yet I don’t get to call for an interview? So how?’. My answer for you is keep lowering your expected salary until you got it. My first job’s pay is only RM900! I’m sure most of you all can do better than me.

If you really love the job and at the same time you know that you do not have enough criteria to meet the requirement for this job and there are too many ‘competitors’, try to apply gambit strategy. It works for me and I believe it works for you too. All the best!

Rahsia Lulus Temuduga Kerja Kerajaan

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