Steve Ngai (危 志 荣) KuaLa Lumpur, Malaysia

Don’t keep too much cash and valuables at home

Last two days, our apartment got broke in by burglars. Yes, even apartment is not safe. My father and I didn’t seem to lost anything but my mom got losses. I would appreciate if you don’t ask further details because we do not want to repeat the story anymore and my mom hope to quickly forget about it.

My purpose of writing this is to advice everyone not to put a lot of money in your home. (I suspect that burglar has some high technology device which can detect cash). I know some might be afraid to put the money into banks, afraid that someone will steal your money in the bank. Here, my advice for you is to open an account which is just meant for saving, whereby you can only deposit money and without any ATM card. Also, you can perhaps give a special instruction to the bank officer that anyone who try to withdraw money from this account, the bank need to call up the owner for verification. I am not sure if this can be done but you can try. Once again, beware of burglars!

Another real case happened which I wrote about it on 24th April 2008 – my friends’ house got broke-in by burglars

Losses include a laptop, camera and some cashes. I guess this incident should give us a red alert of our house. Perhaps one of the most practical things we can do is to get some good locks. Yes, good locks means they are more expensive but eventually they ‘save’ your money more.

Have the best lock in the world but forget to lock it is equally useless. Other thing came to my mind is we should be reminded of our negligence, which means we should make sure all locks are well locked before we leave the house and not to be careless. Otherwise, our carelessness, even once, can be too costly to bear.

If you suspect someone broke-in your house during mid-night and you were inside the room, don’t try to keep silent or rush out to battle with them. If you keep silent, they will continue to steal more and more things or even harm you eventually. If you rush out to battle with them, you might get hurt or killed by them. What I learnt from my father is just make some noise and them leave by themselves. Another wise thing to do is to lock the door immediately and switch on the room light and make a call to police or call your security guard if you stay in apartment or condo.

This incident happened 10 years ago when we first moved in into the apartment which I am still staying right now. A burglar came in by the kitchen. Those days, we didn’t lock the grill at the kitchen, so that burglar managed to climb over to enter through the kitchen grill. My father heard something not right and make some noise to let that burglar leave. When that burglar left, we saw our HIFI set at the kitchen but we lost one thing, a remote control. I think it is our TV’s remote control.


P/S on 31th December 2014 – Now our home got more ‘security system’. In fact, this ‘security system’ has protected our home before. The house door was ‘open’ by the burglars but that time nothing lost because of the security system alarm I believe. Contact me if you wish to know more how we secure our house and what security system we use.