Steve Ngai (危 志 荣) KuaLa Lumpur, Malaysia

Car Insurance Possible “Hidden” Benefits

Some might know but some might not know this. Some car insurance which you bought does provide you some extra benefits such free car towing service or bring you a new car battery and replace it on the spot. All you need to pay is just the car battery cost (about RM215 for dry car battery) and if you return the damaged car battery to them, you will get extra RM10. discount. I am glad that my Etiqa car insurance has such benefits. This week, I could not start my car because the car battery has spoil. I call Etiqa auto assist and within 40-45 minutes, the mechanic came to my apartment and replace a new dry car battery. I suppose to pay him RM215 for it, but because they accept old spoil car battery for RM10, I only pay him RM205. And if my broke down, I can also car Eqita Auto Assist and they will send someone to tow my car to the nearest mechanic for free of charge as well. So, do check with your car insurance for such services. Otherwise, you might need AAM, which cost you another RM90 per year for car towing service or car battery replacement services. If you don’t have such services, car towing can cause you few hundred just for one trip. By the way, if you pay Etiqa online, you will also get extra 10% discount on top of your NCD (No Claim Discount).