California Fitness – Part 3

March and April’s attendance
Another two more months has passed since Part 2. So, how has I been? Here are some statistic of these two months. For March, my attendance is 85% (miss twice) and for April is 92% (miss once). But, still gotta continue to keep it up, which is still not easy.

Personal Traning (PT)
April is a special month for me because I took up Personal Training (PT). I plan to take up PT but not in the month of April as April is my church’s high month. But due to certain reasons, I signed up. These five sessions which cost me RM378 (included 5% tax), are to be finished in one month time. Has my weight and muscle increased a lot? Not really, just a little. How come it seem to hard to even gain one tiny kilogram? But, I do feel good of these PT and I am quite satisfied the way my personal trainer trained me. If I have the budget, I might continue this PT.

Immune System
I have been monitoring my own immune system since beginning of this year and I think my immune system is okay overall as from 7 Jan until today, I haven’t taken any MC.

What I learnt about immune system is it depends on these four golden factors:

  • Enough rest – Our human body is not robot and designed to have rest/sleep at the end of the day. This rest rebuild cells in our body and replenish our strength for the next day again. I think in average we need six to eight hours, depends on our age.
  • Eat healthy food & supplement – Example, eat less meat, more vegetables, fruits and natural food and drink much clean water. Why we need supplement? The food we eat outside doesn’t contain enough nutrien for our body and some nutrien is not easy to get from the normal food that we eat. If you don’t know which supplement to get, I would like to recommend spirulina, at least. This spirulina is quite like a multi-vitamins for you.
  • Regular exercise – Why regular exercise helps? Because when we exercise, our body release sweat. This sweat is toxin in our body. Also when much sweat came out, we will naturally drink more water and eventually urine more. This urine is also the toxin in our body as well. Also when we exercise, normally that include streching which helps to reduce stress.
  • Healthy emotion – Those who always live in fear, guilt, anxiety, stress will easily gets sick. Also, the famous section from Reader Digest, “Laughter is the best medicine”.

Usually, I see myself doing okay for the first three area but not the last area. My weakness I guess but gotta work harder on it. That’s it of some update of myself at California Fitness for now. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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