Blogging has become more and more popular nowadays. What exactly is blogging? Well for my knowledge, is it is another word for online journalling (or dairy). And, I started writing (from now, I will use the word “write” instead of “blog” or “journalling”, which I prefer) way long time ago. I guess since primary school time. But, I only write more when I became a Christian which is nine years ago. Those days (nine years ago), I used my computer to type my journal. But never published. Where got blog website those days?

I started publish my writing ever since I own this website which is since year 2004. This website push me to write, and to write better journal. On July 2006, I have created an account in blogspot. But, you won’t able to read it because I kept it private. Maybe I will copy some from there to this website from time to time.

Writing is a need for me. Writing is where I pour out my thoughts, emotions, my problems, my struggles, my sins, and everything else. This is where I got gut-level real, honest to myself. When I have a good time of writing, I feel good at the end because. I feel relieved, lighter, my thoughts and problems got more organized. And at times, I feel good because I made some decisions towards the situation. I also write to share my knowledge and experience, which hopefully can benefits others. All my personal writing, I put under “Articles” and “Useful Tips” section in this website.

Where I usually write?
Using my Acer laptop, I used to write a lot in Starbuck. In the past, I am cynical to Starbuck. Why pay so much just for normal coffee? And see this as luxury lifestyle and shouldn’t be a lifestyle of a Christian (my self-righteousness)?. But, after awhile and some thinking about it, I realize it is actually “cheap” for me to write in Starbuck. Why I say “cheap”? Because, just with one purchase of drink, I can have free wifi for 2 hours (my average duration), and can do my writing in a safe, comfortable and relaxing ( their Jazz music) environment. Worth it! What a calculative person I am!

But recently, I have changed my spot to Coffee Bean, even though I still prefer coffee than tea and Starbuck’s latte still the best for me. Here are the reasons:

  • Health – tea is less caffein compare to coffee.
  • Coffee Bean’s Genmaicha tea taste good to me.
  • Cheaper – the normal tea in Coffee Bean cost RM7.88, while the plain latte in Starbuck cost RM9.98.
  • Loyalty card – Coffee Bean has loyalty card, while Starbuck has none.
  • There is a coffee maker in my new company. So, I can drink fresh bean coffee everyday.

So far, I have tried two types of green tea: Genmaicha and Moroccan Mint and one types of herbal infusion: Lemon Chamomile. But for me, the best so far is Genmaicha.

I also write much in my pda phone.
One of the reason why I want to get this Treo 650 pda phone is because of that. When I think about something, it is good for me to write them as fast as possible. So, if you see me pressing those tiny button in my pda phone, I am not playing games with it. In fact, there is no games in it. I have uninstall them already. They are too addictive to me. I’m probably writing.

I also draw
Occasionally, I draw. I will draw flow-chart and bird-view diagram. Besides drawing it on paper, I draw it in a big flipchart board in my house. This tool is good, because I got a very large space to draw the whole bird-view diagram of my life on it.

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