Blessings of the year 2008

Thank you, God for blessing me with good health. When I have comprehensive health checkup in the month of June, the result was okay. Besides that, the result also let me know that I didn’t have enough antibody for Hepatitis B. If I didn’t take this health checkup, I won’t know that. Lastly, from 7 January 2008 until 31 December 2008, I didn’t take any Medical Certificate (MC), which is a good sign for my health for year 2008. I think my regular workout in California Fitness and playing badminton also help my health.

Thank you, God for providing me a good job after I have tendered my resignation letter. When I tendered my resignation letter, I still haven’t gotten any offer but after that I got an offer. Actually I plan to take a break after I resigned, but imagine if I took the break and after that financial crisis hits, I wonder what will happen to me now. I will be most probably be unemployed for very long. Thank God for providing me this job. Colleagues are okay. Superior is good and open for input. I know when I face any problems, I can bring up to him freely. I can learn things and at the same being paid and the pay is good. By the way, my first day is 25 August, which is also my birthday. Perhaps, this job is a birthday present from God. 🙂

Thank you, God for putting some Christian friends into my life to listen to my life problems and their input to me. They are Kok Keng (my group leader, whom I shared the most problems to), DavidCKK (for his concern and who spur/push me to talk to Kok Meng), David Chong Weng Meng (aka Klang David, my buddy, whom told me to look at myself and his friendship to me), Ang (for concern and his friendship to me).

Thank you, God for this material blessing. My mum sold her good condition car to me with a good price. The car is with power steering making the control of the car much easier compare to the my previous car.

Thank you, God for His protection. I travelled outstation a lot this year of 2008. For work related purpose, in total, I travelled three times, once in Kuantan and twice in Melaka. Travel to outstation more also means more risks. I also travelled three times to Singapore. Thank God for protecting me during all these long journey travellling especially on 7 Nov 2008 which was a near to death experience. God has given me another life to live a little longer in this earth.

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