Steve Ngai (危 志 荣) KuaLa Lumpur, Malaysia

Another hobby – Football / futsal

Football / futsall is one of my favorites sports. I started soccer during my primary school. From primary school until college time, I always as a defender and occasionally goalkeeper. Few years ago, I began to like to play middle / forward position. I began to enjoy dribbling. That time, I began to get serious about soccer. I read many articles to learn the proper technique and skill and I trained myself. Throughout my ten years as a member of Central Christian Church of Malaysia, my church has organized a few soccer competitions and I joined all of them. Even though I like to play to middle or forward position, but because lack of strong defenders, I need to stay back to strengthen the defensive teritory most of the time. but because of my position,

I hardly score any goals during all the soccer competition matches I participated in my entire life. I just manage to score two goals (what I can remember) during all these competitions and both goals are long ranged one. That time, I consider my freekick or long distance shot is not bad. I believe that is because I practice it. But now, I koyak liao. 😀

Lately, I have changed to play futsal (indoor soccer). Some of my church members orgnized the first futsal competition end of last year (2007). I participated. Well, my team lost just at the very last minute but we had a good fight. We shall be back! 😀

Now, sometimes I will play futsal on Sunday afternoon at the place just opposite Global Business Park, where we have our church service in the morning. Lately, I also enjoy juggling as well, to exercise, for fun and to train myself too. Although not that impressive yet, below is a little clip of some juggling I did on July 2008.