All in a Day’s Work: 9 July 2009

Today, I left customer site at 12.43 AM due to some mess in HCI. Actually, I managed to solve most of the problems after 2-3 hours but because of so many things I have done, I’m worried if I have messed up many things. Appreciate Simon who is willing to come down to help me by confirming everything is okay and clean up some other things as well in a short time. If he didn’t come down, don’t know how long I will be stuck at K3.

From this problems, I also learn more about Ultraman, no I mean UltraEdit. Its file comparison function is really useful, also the delete column function. Its good to have all these problems to revise and strengthen my HCI as well.

I also appreciate my team lead, Lim for his support and teaching me how to delete column using UltraEdit. He is a good team leader.

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